Michał proved to be a very effective, insightful and uncompromising auditor, both for portfolio companies and for strictly assessing investment opportunities – regardless of the industry.

His support in the field of design is also invaluable and it is rare to find a person who combines all these competences without sacrificing quality.

Over the past few years, we have used his knowledge, skills and experience many times and have always been more than satisfied with the result.

Kinga Stanisławska
Experior VC, European Women in VC

Undoubtedly, analytical and strategic thinking is the domain of Michał. More than once I was surprised by his ability to accurately and substantively diagnose the project environment. His ability to look, both wider and deeper, translates into the use of appropriate means / methods at the right time – I can confidently say that Michał is always two steps ahead in analyzing the situation.

In addition to fulfilling himself as a strategist and designer, Michał perfectly plays the role of a moderator. Together, we have had the opportunity to design and implement many workshops. His ability to ask uncompromising questions is invaluable – more than once Michał’s moderation unblocked the group and led it out of the status quo. Personally, I can say that I come out smarter with each cooperation with Michał and I wish each team such a person on board.

Patrycja Walencik
Zendesk, Design Mentorship

Why is Michał an ace in the deck of professional relationships? In his work, he combines the best qualities of a craftsman, such as punctuality and adaptation to standards, with the characteristics of an artist, i.e. creativity and unconventional nature. His professionalism is not only the feeling of a job well done, but also a calmer head every day.

Konrad Latkowski
Techstars Startup Weekend,

Michał is one of the most creative and professional people I have ever worked with. It combines great insight with a creative solution to problems, is transparent and brutally honest.

Michał is and will always be my first address in the field of audit and product development, UX and business analysis. Michał, working with you is pure pleasure.

Andrej Modic
Lokalny Rolnik

Our paths with Michał met over 10 years ago and they are always intertwined. It was one of the first people I met on my business path, which I respect today more than at the beginning.

I have always appreciated Michał’s professionalism and analyticality, regardless of the subject matter of the case. I believe that having such a person not only in my team, but above all in the environment is very important for development.

Grzegorz Kalinowski

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