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Salary and other requirements


I am very pleased that you are considering my candidacy in the recruitment process. I believe that describing the most pressing issues before the joint interview will allow me to present my way of thinking about hiring an employee. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to send them. I am happy to refer to them during our conversation.

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He’s very effective, insightful and uncompromising auditor, both for portfolio companies and for strictly assessing investment opportunities – regardless of the industry.

Kinga Stanisławska
Experior VC, European Women in VC

I can safely say that Michał is always two steps ahead in analyzing the situation. More than once Michał’s moderation unblocked the group and brought it out of the status quo.

Patrycja Walencik
Zendesk, Design Mentorship

Flexible approach to customer needs, proactive attitude and the ability to listen and understand expectations already at the concept stage.

Cezary Tomaszewski

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Agreement type

Employment contract for an indefinite period.

Minimum wage

PLN 19,000 net, adjusted on the day of signing the contract for the y / y inflation rate for Poland, published by the Polish Nationl Bank.

We can agree to one of the lower indicators, eg core inflation. It is only a symbol and gesture of goodwill by the employer to take care of the employee.

Salary indexation

Indexation by the y / y inflation rate for Poland every 12 months. Indexation is not treated as a salary increase.

We can agree to one of the lower indicators, eg core inflation. It is only a symbol and gesture of goodwill by the employer to take care of the employee.

Non-competition clause
  • The non-competition clause is optional.
  • Non-competition is possible within a maximum of 3 years from the end of cooperation.
  • The non-competition clauses may apply only to the companies explicitly mentioned in the contract. It is not possible to agree on general provisions, eg “energy companies”, “companies from the IT sector”, “companies producing furniture”.
  • The non-competition clause applies only to permanent work for the companies specified in the contract and to outsourcing projects.
  • The non-competition clause, in particular, cannot apply to ad hoc works, e.g. mentoring, consulting, support in participation in industry competitions as a jury / mentor, giving interviews and publishing press materials regarding competition.
  • Due to the non-competition clause, the employer undertakes to pay the remuneration amounting to 50% net of the last remuneration each month after the end of the cooperation.
  • The parties may agree to exempt from the non-competition clause (and thus the necessity to pay remuneration for this) or shorten its duration.

Other expectations
  • Active support of the company and superiors in the desired employee development.
  • Supervision and evaluation of work.
  • 1: 1 meetings with superiors at least once a month.
  • 360 degree assessment at least once a quarter.
  • Access to the content of contracts with clients regarding ongoing projects in compliance with the principles of confidentiality, with the possibility of consulting project risks with the legal department.
  • Optional participation in the recruitment process for subordinate positions.
  • Private health insurance (Luxmed preferred, package below VIP level).
  • MultiSport Plus card by Benefit Systems.
  • Later, next year: a parking spot for a motorcycle (ideally with an electric charger because I’m considering getting this one ;))
  • Training budget of at least PLN 12,000 net per annum.
  • An expenditure budget of at least PLN 12,000 net per annum. I use this tool most often when buying books related to my work or currently conducted projects for a private library.

I work on Apple products only, excluding test devices (Android, Windows Phone/Mobile). I will be more than happy to use the equipment for business and private use with my active participation in its costs.

As for computer, I work on Macbook Pro 14 inch laptop with M1 Max processor with 64GB of RAM (looking forward to M2 Pro to handle this amount of memory) and 2 TB of storage.

Please provide at least one external monitor with 4K resolution in the office.

Also, the chair. At home I’ve got a custom built standing desk (I use it daily) and this chair (and it’s amazing).

Work-life balance
  • I work out every day at the gym, usually between 7-9 am. I would love to start working after that.
  • If I’m late, I communicate it and it’s on me. I will stay longer on the very same day.
  • I don’t mind stationary work (but please, make my chair comfortable :)). I even prefer it, especially when it comes to teamwork based on interactions with others. I believe that for this type of processes this way of working is the most effective (faster information exchange, non-verbal communication, working with additional tools such as whiteboard, etc.), and remote work is primarily used for individual work with status calls only.
  • I apply and evangelize the principle of deepwork slots. Almost every day I need a few hours of focused work and I communicate it in the calendar made available for the team, e.g. as a 1-2h slot, when I ask you not to disturb me.
  • From time to time I go to the so-called workation. It’s usually a few days away from home. Then I work remotely for a full range of hours, and I spend my free time exploring the area.
  • I do not participate in meetings that do not have a prepared agenda and a specific goal that they serve and that I want to help achieve. I consider them a waste of the company’s money and prefer to do something constructive for the company at this time.
  • I use the medical services occasionally, also during working hours. I report each such situation, mark it on my calendar, I try not to conflict with any meeting, but only with my individual work and I make up the time used for this.
  • I am a loyal mercenary to the company that employs me. I learn quickly and adapt to new situations. I love teaching others and sharing my knowledge. I will also be happy to take care of the company’s PR outside the organization, e.g. by participating in conferences as a speaker; in various competitions as juror / mentor or in magazines as a writer.

What does the amount of your salary result from?

The salary is the result of my skills and experience. It is, of course, slightly higher than in the present work, to ensure financial development at least symbolically.

I am actively interested in how the employer raises the money for my salary and I want to contribute to the fact that hiring me is, above all, beneficial. For example, if a company sells my services to outsiders as part of consulting, I assume it would be good for me to earn at least three times my salary.

How long are you planning to work for us?

It depends on mutual cooperation and expectations as to my person (e.g. entrusted duties and the time necessary to fulfill them and achieve the intended goals). I assume that a healthy period of cooperation for both parties is 3-7 years.

How many projects can you run at the same time?

Full-time: one (especially if the team doesn’t have full competences, but I try to avoid them).

If there are more projects, it depends on the structure of the teams managing them and how independent they are and to what extent they have delegated competences. If the teams have delegated people to analyze and manage their current work – I am able to lead two such projects in a responsible manner. If the projects have full competences (down to the product owner level) and my job would be to manage and synchronize projects with each other (product manager level or higher) – I think it is feasible to manage up to five projects in this way.

If there are additional activities besides projects, such as consulting (external or internal) or mentoring – I am flexible in this topic.

We have additional questions.

I encourage you to talk together. I will try to answer all of them as far as I can.

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Thank you again for considering me and for reading this content.
See you (I hope) for a joint conversation!