IT & Business Analyst, Auditor
UX & Product Design Consultant

For over 10 years I have been helping to design and develop companies’ products and I teach their managers and teams to make decisions based on data.

Currently, I am working at CloudExpert, also providing services for several venture capital funds and the public sector. I have worked for over 200 clients, mainly from Europe, North America and Africa.

Professionally I deal with the organization, design and launch of new products together with entire teams and rescuing those that require help.

I love working with very large data sets and composing them into a stable information architecture. I take care of details such as micro-interactions or interface ergonomics. I am more than happy to share my knowledge and try to enrich the competences of the entrusted employees.

Privately, I try to read a lot. I like good and well-designed products. I am interested in the law relating to public information and intellectual property. I dream of finding time to start a blog.


A bunch of stuff I know & what I’m paid for.


A personal journal for my thoughts.

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