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Michał Kosecki

Digital Transformation Strategist

For over 12 years I have been helping
to improve companies’ products & processes.

I teach to make business decisions based on data.

Michał’s professionalism is not only the feeling of a job well done, but also a calmer head every day.

Konrad Latkowski
Techstars Startup Weekend, DECODE9

A very effective, insightful and uncompromising auditor, both for portfolio companies and for strictly assessing investment opportunities – regardless of the industry.

Kinga Stanisławska
Experior VC, European Women in VC

I can safely say that Michał is always two steps ahead in analyzing the situation. More than once Michał’s moderation unblocked the group and brought it out of the status quo.

Patrycja Walencik
Zendesk, Design Mentorship

Michał’s experience turned out to be very valuable for the entire organization.

Marek Zmysłowski
Rocket Internet, incl. Jovago, Venture Afrika

Flexible approach to customer needs, proactive attitude and the ability to listen to and understand expectations already at the concept stage.

Cezary Tomaszewski

It combines great insight with a creative solution to problems, is transparent and brutally honest.

Andrej Modic
Lokalny Rolnik

I believe that having such a person not only in my team, but above all in the environment is very important for development.

Grzegorz Kalinowski

His talent, diligence and reliability as a designer and consultant have been met with satisfaction.

Paweł Kucharski

Michał is characterized by exemplary communication and interpersonal skills, reliability and world-class design competences.

Ernest Wagner
Hemnes Group

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I work for internal and external clients, also providing services to several venture capital and private equity funds and the public sector.

I have worked for over 200 clients,,
mainly from Europe, North America and Africa.

Services & skills

Professionally I deal with the organization, design and launch of new products together with entire teams and rescuing those that require help.

I love working with very large data sets and composing them into a stable information architecture. I take care of details such as micro-interactions or interface ergonomics.

I am more than happy to share my knowledge and try to enrich the competences of the entrusted employees.


Privately, I try to read a lot. I like good and well-designed products.

I am interested in the law relating to public information and intellectual property. In my free time, I post texts on my blog.